Van den Broeck Medal

This Medal was created in 1987 to mark the centenary of the Belgian Society of Geology, in honor of its first secretary general.(See special  volume of the "Centenary of the Belgian Society of Geology", 1987). The first laureate was Maurice Lys from Orsay University, specialized in Paleozoic foraminifera.

During the centennial ceremonies, President Alphonse Beugnies who died a few weeks later, Van den Broeck handed a medal to the organizers: The Aymard Comte d'Ursel, president of Centennial Committee and E. Groessens, Secretary General.The following medals were awarded to Mrs. J.-P. Cobbold and C.Samama

The laureates of the last decade of the century were: A. Strasser, G. Kukla (USA), C. Chopin (F), J.-C. Roux (F), C. Babin (F), H. Kucha (PL ), F. Bergerat (F) and Aigner T. (D). A medal was also awarded to Prof. Yves Coppens of the Collège de France. The medal was not awarded in 1998 and 1999.

The last laureate of the Van den Broeck medal was B. Beets (NL) in 2000.