Geologica Belgica


Scope of the Journal

Geologica Belgica is a Belgian journal accepting all manuscripts related to every field in Earth Science with a specific focus on the geology of Belgium, North West Europe and Central Africa.

Papers that are not related to any of these geographical areas, are only accepted if one of the authors is associated to a Belgian university or a Belgian scientific institute. Articles are accepted continuously during the year. The estimated time between submitting an article and its online publication is about 3 months.

Thematic issues are well appreciated. In that case, the guest-editor takes in charge the paper selection and the subject of those papers can be outside Belgium, North West Europe or Central Africa.

The journal is diamond open access. There are no publication fees and full copies of the papers are available online. The only restriction is that one author is member of Geologica Belgica.

The submitted papers should be concise and present results not published elsewhere. The journal encourages the publication of papers by Belgian junior authors. Short notes are also accepted. Papers written in English are preferred. Each paper will go through a review process with at least two reviewers, of which at least one is international.

Periodicity of distribution

The Journal is published at least 2 times a year. An annual volume contains several issues (from 2 to 4).

Journal Policies

Geologica Belgica is an Open Access journal. It allows free access to and distribution of published and forthcoming articles, making research and science available for everyone and providing authors with worldwide rapid diffusion. The manuscripts are published under Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike - Noncommercial Licence 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).


Impact Factor

Impact Factors (IF) of the GEOLOGICA BELGICA journal. Hereafter, you can find the IF evolution since 2010:
• 2022 = 1.8
• 2021 = 0.857 (IF 5 yrs = 1.152)
• 2020 = 0.773 (IF 5 yrs = 1.174)
• 2019 = 0.870
• 2018 = 0.879
• 2017 = 0.914
• 2016 = 0.739
• 2015 = 0.762
• 2014 = 0.782
• 2013 = 0.636
• 2012 = 1.041
• 2011 = 0.773
• 2010 = 0.645

How to find the papers in PDF

• Either, you're a member of Geologica Belgica. Click on the Member area, and go to the publication page after login
• Either, you're not a member of Geologica Belgica. So why not joining us ?

The manuscripts are available on the PoPuPS portal hosting the Geologica Belgica journal