The Geological Society of Belgium, ‘Geologica Belgica’, has a huge library hosted inside the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

The library is maintained and managed by the members of the Geological Survey of Belgium now integrated inside the O.D. Earth and History of Life.

The library contains monthly incoming journals and books mostly arriving by exchanges agreements with other libraries located in scientific institutions, universities and geological societies around the world.

All these books, journals, maps and documents are available for public consultation during opening-hours offices by taking an appointment with the Librarian.

GB Library Services provide a public reference service for anyone with an interest in earth science information. To find out about books, journals and maps held in our library, you can send your references and /or you are welcome to contact us with details of your enquiry so that we can help you identify material. We regret that we are unable to loan items.

Appointments to visit are strongly advised. Our collections are important so if you need specific items, please ensure you contact us in good time to make an appointment, so that we can check that the items can be made available.
A visitor photocopying service is available, subject to copyright regulations or PDF service after payment of the charges that will help us to deliver a perfect service to any enquiry.

  • Opening-Hours:
  • From Monday to Friday
  • between 9.30 am - 16.30 pm
  • but an appointment with the librarian is mandatory


  • Location:
    Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
    13 Rue Jenner straat
    B-1000  Brussels