About Us


Geologica Belgica is a Belgian, bilingual, non-profit organization established in Brussels, with the goal to contribute to the development of Earth Sciences and to create a environmental favorable for the communication of scientific knowledge and research. All universities and institutions active in the field of geology are represented in the board of Geologica Belgica. Its "sister" association "Société Géologique de Belgique" located in Liège is a privileged partner for the organization of scientific activities.

Geological Belgica organizes geological meetings, workshops and field trips, and bestow scientific awards and distinctions such as the André Dumont Medal and the Vandenbroeck Medal. The information bulletin Miscellanea Geologica sent to members 9 times/year contains news, announcements and reports of geological activities taking place in Belgium and abroad.

Geologica Belgica Meeting
Field Trip 2016 Kempen

Geologica Belgica publishes a scientific journal, also called Geologica Belgica, in collaboration with the Belgian Ministery of Economic affairs. All submitted articles undergo comprehensive peer review, as is the norm for all international scientific journals. The journal publishes four issues per year. The use of English is strongly encouraged, however manuscripts in French, Dutch or German can be considered as the discretion of the editor. Please visit the journal website for further information.

Geologica Belgica possesses a library that relies on the exchange of journals with other scientific societies in Belgium and abroad and on donations of books, reports and reprints. The Geological Survey of Belgium hosts this library in its building at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels. Together with more than 20 similar European societies, Geologica Belgica supports the journal Terra Nova.

Geologica Belgica Workshop
Geologica Belgic Field Trip

Every person interested in Earth Sciences can become a member of Geologica Belgica. Members can attend all the activities organized by the society and have access to the library. The library of the "Société Géologique de Belgique" in Liège, university campus of the Sart Tilman, is also open to members. In February a board meeting takes place to discuss and organize the activities of the society.  Geological Belgica welcomes you as a member.