The following list of Universities, scientific institutes, museums, professional and international assocations indicates where you can find Earth Sciences research department and the link to their website for further information.

Universities in Belgium:

• Katholike Universiteit Leuven Website
• Vrije Universiteit Brussel Website
• Universiteit Gent Website
• Université libre de Bruxelles Website
• Université de Liège Website
• Université de Namur Website
• Faculté Polytechnique de Mons Website

Museums and scientific institutes in Belgium:

• Royal Museum for Central Africa Website
• Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Website
• Royal Observatory of Belgium Website
• Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium Website

Professional Associations :

In Belgium:

• Union Belgo-Luxembourgeoise des Géologues / Belgisch-Luxemburgse Unie van Geologen Website

International Associations:

• International Union of Geological Sciences Website
• Geological Society of London Website 
• Geologische Vereinigung Website
• Geological Society of America Website
• European Geosciences Union Website
• American Geophysical Union Website
• American Association of Petroleum Geologists Website
• Society for Sedimentary Geology Website
• The Paleontological Society Website