Geologica Belgica is organising an International meeting every three years in Belgium. This meeting is a possibility for the belgian scientific community to present the latest studies and discoveries. The scientific colleagues from the neighbouring countries are also participating to meet again colleagues and friends.

Hereafter, the previous Geologica Belgica Meetings:

  • 6th International Meeting in Leuven - 2018
  • 5th International Meeting in Mons - 2016
  • 4th International Meeting in Brussels - 2012
  • 3rd International Meeting in Ghent - 2009
  • 2nd International Meeting in Liège - 2006
  • 1st International Meeting in Leuven - 2002

6th International Meeting in Leuven - 2018


5th International Meeting in Mons - 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, Monsieur le Doyen,
On behalf of the scientific association Geologica Belgica, I have the honour to open the 5th International Geologica Belgica meeting in Mons. This beautiful university city is the fifth in row to organise the Geologica Belgica Congress, after Leuven in 2002, Liège in 2006, Gent in 2009 and Brussels in 2012.

The Geologica Belgica Congress, is the largest gathering of earth scientists in Belgium, uniting all geoscience research centers from the north and south of the country and open to our neighbours, for some days of intensive exchange. These congresses and a journal with impact factor, equally named Geologica Belgica, form the flagships of our scientific association.

Geologica Belgica is a rather young organisation, founded in 1999 as a result from the merger of two older geological societies whose history goes back 140 years. The purpose of this merger was to abandon the divisions of the past and to unite forces to represent geoscience at the national level. This is no easy task, which can only be realised through the continued and benevolent support of its members. I thank all of you in the audience who as members of our society make this happen. I ask those who are not yet members to consider joining as well.

The theme of the present meeting, Mother Earth, sounds more compassionate than the theme of the previous meeting in Brussels, Moving plates and melting icecaps, and also less utilitarian than the theme in Gent, Challenges for the Planet. Mother Earth makes clear that humanity is united in its relation to the Planet Earth and that we all depend on the proper functioning of the intricate ecosystems and material cycles that keep the Earth a living planet. Care for the present and concern for the future start with good understanding of where we stand now and where we are heading to, after 4 and a half billion years of Earth history. This understanding advances continuously and so must be the exchange between scientists.

We have gathered here to learn from each other and increase cooperation. This has been made possible through the preparatory work of the organising committee, who ensure that the congress runs smoothly. It all looks very promising and I look forward to a very rewarding meeting.
Michiel Dusar
President Geologica Belgica

For those interested, the Abstract book and conference programme were published by Geologica Belgica and can be cited:

-> "Jean-Marc BAELE, Séverine PAPIER, Xavier DEVLEESCHOUWER, Nicolas DUPONT, Pascal GODERNIAUX, Michel HENNEBERT & Olivier KAUFMANN, «5th International Geologica Belgica Congress: 26-29 January 2016 – Mons, Belgium», Geologica Belgica Conference Proceedings, Volume 2 (2016), 304 p. DOI:"


4th International Meeting in Brussels - 2012

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Dear participants of GB2012,
It was a pleasure one year ago to organise the 4th International Geologica Belgica conference, and it is with the same pleasure that we now present the official proceedings of this conference. We hope this may be a lasting memory to, as well as the scientific valorisation of your work presented at this international event.

Some of the abstracts in these proceedings are only the teasers for the several full papers that appeared in the Geologica Belgica journal during the past year. We know that several other papers are still under review or under preparation, but for those that have been published, we have added a reference next to the abstracts. However, make certain to keep an eye open for follow-up papers of abstracts and authors that attracted your attention during GB2012, as well as consult the recently appeared volumes, which include the special volume 16(4) – “Dispersal of continental vertebrates during the Paleogene”.

Let the record show that the 4th International Geologica Belgica conference attracted 241 participants from 26 different countries, who presented a total of 137 oral and 99 posters during three days, in up to three parallel sessions. The program was animated by a field trip in Brussels, a visit to the museum and its collections, and the unique occasion to enjoy the conference dinner in the main dinosaur gallery of the museum.

As usual, special attention went out to the young researchers with a competition for best oral and best poster presentation. The abstracts of the top three laureates are highlighted in this volume. If you want to refresh your memory, we invite you to pages 121, 122, 139, 146, 236 and 261 to read about the work of these upcoming talents.

Trond Torsvik was awarded the André Dumont Medal 2012 for his outstanding career. His publication entitled “From Wegener until now: the development of our understanding of Earth’s Phanerozoic evolution”, which most perfectly addressed the conference theme, appeared in volume 15(3) of Geologica Belgica that each participant received as part of the welcome package.

A special thank you to all who chose to participate to GB2012, and especially to the five key-note speakers, the chairs of the sessions, the scientific committee, the enthusiastic team of young geologists and palaeontologists, the event personnel of the RBINS, and of course our sponsors.

Looking forward to meeting all of you again,
Kris - Stephen - Thierry - Vanessa - Xavier

For those interested, the Abstract book and conference programme were published by Geologica Belgica and can be cited:

-> "Xavier DEVLEESCHOUWER, Vanessa M.A. HEYVAERT, Stephen LOUWYE, Kris PIESSENS & Thierry SMITH, «4th International Geologica Belgica Meeting: 11-14 September 2012 – Brussels, Belgium», Geologica Belgica Conference Proceedings, Volume 1 (2012), 280 p. DOI:"


-> Resulting from the meeting, 13 papers from the session "Dispersal of land vertebrates during the Paleogene" were collected and published as a special volume by Geologica Belgica and can be found here:

Volume 16 (2013) number 4 - Dispersal of continental vertebrates during the Paleogene -> content 16/4 - 2013

3th International Meeting in Ghent - 2009


2nd International Meeting in Liège - 2006

The Congress, held on 7-8 September at the Maison de la Métallurgie in Liège, was very successful, more than 100 attendants were registered. The scientific content was covering a wide range of disciplines and the 81 oral presentations and posters were of high quality.

In view of these achievements, it has thus been decided that it was worthwhile keeping a printed record of this scientific event. The first fascicule of volume 10 (2007) of the Belgian journal GEOLOGICA BELGICA will contain the Proceedings of the 2nd Belgian Geological Congress. All the abstracts will be printed free of charge.