André Dumont Medal

The Geological Society of Belgium was founded in 1874. Its founder was Gustave Dewalque, who was the first Secretary General until 1896. Omalius d'Halloy was its first president.

In 1949, we celebrated the 75th anniversary and during the academic session, which was held on April 3, 1949, P. Macar (1906-1978) declared in his presidential address, the society has produced a medal, which "will be assigned annually to a Belgian or foreign scientist who has completed a high-value research work in the field of mineral sciences". This medal will be called "André Dumont Medal". They presented a model of the medal thanks to the talent of the sculptor Louis Dupont Liège.

The first "André Dumont Medal" was given to the laureate Prof. Giotto Daineilli of the University of Florence. He was already an honorary member of the Society since 1933 and was the author of a geological map of East Africa.

The laureates of the first decade were: HH Read (GB), R. Kozlowski (PL), PH Kuenen (NL), GG Simpson (USA), CA Cotton (NZ), P. Pruvost (F), Br Sander. (A), A. Besairie (Madagascar), SC King (SA), and R. Krausel (D).

For the years 1960-1969: AF Buddington (USA), P. Ramdohr (D), G. Wilson (GB), A. Guilcher (F), E. Stensiö (S), G. Kullerud (USA), G . Millot (F), BC King (GB), J. Tricart (F) and Mr & Ms. LSB Leakey (Kenya).

For the decade 1970-1979: P. Routhier (F), J. Verhoogen (USA), JH Brunn (F), AL Washburn (USA), W. Ziegler (D), RF Leggett (CND), W. Scheyer ( D), J. Aubouin (F), G. Maarleveld (NL), H. Hollard (Mc).

For the years 1980-1989: V. Cotechia, P. Cerny, M. Winch (F), J. Dercourt, A. Bögli (CH), PJ Felder (NL), D. Richard (GB), Z. Johan ( F) PAZiegler (CH), D. Ford (CND).

  • Past laureates of the André Dumont Medal Since 1991

2016 Frances Westall, France Exobiologie
2015 D. Weis, Canada Isotope Geochemistry
2014 Philip Gibbard, United Kingdom Quaternary Palaeoenvironments
2013 F. Roure, France Petroleum sedimentary basins
2012 T. Torsvik, Norway Paleogeography & tectonics
2011 R. Vissers, The Netherlands Structural geology & tectonics
2010 A. Blieck, France Paleontology
2009 M. Tucker, UK Carbonates petrology
2008 P. Barbey, France Petrology - granites
2007 P. Van Cappelen, The Netherlands Geochemistry
2006 V. Courtillot, France Geodynamic
2005 Ph. Gingerich, USA Paleontology
2004 M. Joachimski, Germany Geochemistry

2003 R. Cocks, UK Paleontology, palaeogeography
2002 J. Urai, Germany Structural geology
2001 B. Scaillet, France Petrology
2000 J. Beget, USA Volcanology
1999 F. Neuweiler, Germany Sedimentology
1998 -- --
1997 -- --
1996 P. Marinos, Greece Engineering geology
1995 H.P. Banks, U.S.A. Paleontology
1994 J. Vandenberghe, The Netherlands Physical geography
1993 Earth Sc.conserv. General geology
1992 J. Touret, The Netherlands Petrology/mineralogy
1991 R. Oliveira, Portugal Engineering geology