Master Thesis Award

Dear Young Geologists,  welcome to Geologica Belgica association !


We hope that you will accepted to present your master research thesis to our community. You will become a young member of Geologica Belgica for one year and the abstract of your presentation will be published in one of the next issue of Geologica Belgica journal.

For the presentation, you will have 20 minutes (15 minutes of talk and 5 minutes for questions and discussion).

Each participant can submit to Geologica Belgica an abstract related to his/her master thesis for being published in one of the following issues of Geologica Belgica.

The price for the best presentation of the Master Day is 250 EUR. 

All the other participants will also receive a free membership for one year !

Last awarded laureate

This event, organised by Geologica Belgica, gives the opportunity to recently graduated students in the field of geosciences from the different Belgian universities to present their master thesis research in a competitive inter-university context.

The 2018 edition of the Master Day held on 19.10.2018 at the Geology Department (ULiège) was again a good edition. Seven students from the universities of Gent, Leuven, Liège and Mons presented there master thesis (see list below). The jury, composed of promotors and Geologica Belgica council members, concluded that the quality of research and the presentation skills were such that it was hard to select a laureate.

The laureate of the Geologica Belgica Master Day for 2018 is Valentine Piroton – ULiège for her thesis presentation on “Recent Landslides Evolution of the Maily-Say Valley in Kyrgyzstan by Differential Radar Interferometry and Optical Images Analysis.”

List of master presentations:

Benjamin Blykers – UGent : “Characterization of groundwater remediation using nanoparticles of zero-valent iron.”

Daphne Guilbert – UGent: “Evaluation of the effect of the urban heat island in Ghent on natural building stones”.

Lise Martens – KU Leuven : "Geochemistry of Nummulites as a proxy for Eocene paleotemperature evolution in the Southern North Sea Basin".

Aurélie Martin – UMons : “Natural and Artificial Tracers in Unsaturated Zone. Application to Larzac karst”.

Valentine Piroton – ULiege : "Recent Landslides Evolution of the Maily-Say Valley in Kyrgyzstan by Differential Radar Interferometry and Optical Images Analysis".

Hadrien Pirotte - ULiège: "Experiments on metal-sulphur-silicate melts equilibria under the reducing conditions of Mercury".

Flore Van Maldeghem – UGent : “The characterisation of unmelted Antarctic micrometeorites”.

Master Day participants

Historical listing

Note: no awarded laureate mentioned in the Miscellanea of 1990, 1991, 1992. A laureate is elected from 1993 onwards.

  • - 2017, 20.10.2017, KULeuven

    9 participants: Tim De Backer, Laurent Debout, Jef Decuypere, Catherine Demoulin, Michiel Giels, Marieke Paepen, Laurenz Schröer, Matthias Troch, Elise Kazmierczak

    laureate: Michiel Giels, KULeuven, Inorganic Polymers: Do metals in Fe-rich slag precursors jeopardize slag valorization?

  • - 2016, 21 oktober, RBINS

    11 participants: Nachtergaele, Simon; Van Daele, Johanna; Wils, Katleen; Mreyen, Anne-Sophie; Bruneel, Yaana; Verbiest, Michaël; Beersaerts, Glenn; Jentgen, Benjamin; Barbier, Maxime; De Clercq, Shana; Wouters, Sébastien

    laureate: Yanaa Bruneel, KULeuven. Quantification of complex mineral phases using the PONKCS assisted Rietveld refinement.

  • - 2015, 3 november, RBINS

    6 participants: Bram Paredis, Nick Janssens, Michèle Verhaert, Julie De Weirdt, Bastien Soens, Gerben Van Ranst.

    laureate: Bastien Soens, (UGent), Petrology and geochemistry of the Crommyonia volcanic rocks north of the Saronic Gulf, Greece.

  • - 2014, 17 october, RBINS

    7 participants: Elise François, Gert Ghysels, Jonas Boons, Marie Heeren, Yohan Cornet, Leonard Dewaele, Thomas Steeman

    laureate (ex aequo): Leonard Dewaele, (UGent), The first perinatal specimen of a saurolophine (Dinosauria, Hadrosauridae) from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia

    laureate (ex aequo): Thomas Steeman, (UGent), Chitinozoan and δ13Ccarb biochemostratigraphy of the Silurian “Big Crisis” record in the Long Mountain, Welsh Borderland.

  • - 2013, 4 november 2013, RBINS

    11 participants: Augustin Dekoninck, Nicole Dilissen, Amaël Poulain, Steven Tesseur, Helene Jadot, Jeroen Van Stappen, Nore Praet, Tim Collart, Pauline Lamberty, Aude Cincotta, Alizée Roobaert.

    laureate: Nore Praet, (UGent). Study of the Late Paleocene mammal fauna of Cernay (Paris Basin, France).

  • - 2012, 5 october, RBINS

    2 participants: Niels Hulsbosch, Pieter Gurdebeke.

    laureate (ex aequo): Niels Hulsbosch, KULeuven. Chemical fractionation of the Nb-Ta-Sn mineralised pegmatites of the Gatumba area (Rwanda).

    laureate (ex aequo): Pieter Gurdebeke, UGent. Conchological differentiation in an ongoing radiation of Lanistes gastropods from ancient Lake Malawi: how adaptive is shell morphology?

  • - 2011, 11 october, RBINS

    6 participants: Annelore Blomme, Wesley De Boever, Elien Depelsmaeker, Salvatrice Montalbano, Max Collinet, Thomas Salpeteur.

    laureate: Annelore Blomme, KULeuven. Geological study of the Wommersom quartzite.

  • - 2010, 1 october, RBINS.

    5 participants: David De Vleeschouwer, Tom Haerinck, Jorik Van Wielderode, Nicolas Seynaeve, Willem Vandoorne.

    laureate: Willem Vandoorne, A study of the tectonic evolution of the Chuya-Kurai zone (Siberian Altai) by means of multi-method chronology.

  • - 2009, 2 october, RBINS.

    11 participants: Laurent Fontaine, Rieko Adriaens, Marijn Boone, Stijn Bos, Geoffrey Cambier, Tim De Kock, Valentin Fisher, Tom Jottier, Bart Rogiers, Koen Vos, Leslie Descamps.

    laureate: Stijn Bos, KULeuven, Petrel modeling of a 3D seismic survey for mapping and analysing sandstones in an Upper Carboniferous seal (gas storage site, western Campine, Belgium).

  • - 2008, no junior Master day, due to the change from Licence (4 years) to Master (5 years).
  • - 2007, 19 october, Palais des Académies, Brussels.

    6 participants: Dieter Brems, Friso De Clercq, Maite Van Rampelbergh, Stijn Glorie, Julie Dewit, Thomas Verleye.

    laureate: Thomas Verleye, UGent, Holocene paleo-environment from the southwest Black Sea: a reconstruction based on dinoflagellate cysts and other palynomorphs.

  • - 2006, 6 october, RBINS.

    6 participants: Ruben Snellings, Kenneth De Baets, Lies De Mol, Jan Hennissen, Robin Campion, Steven Goderis.

    laureate: Steven Goderis, Ugent-VUB, Geochemistry and distribution of platinum group elements in the impact structures of Bosumtwi (Ghana, Pleistocene) and Gardnos (Norway, boundary Proterozoic-Paleozoic).

  • - 2005, 7 october, Univ Liège.

    11 participants: Leen Coen, Lieven Machiels, Jasper Moernaut, Caroline de Meyer, Bert Van Bocxlaer, Maarten Haest, Guillaume Orban, Clotilde De Wilde, Hervé Van Baelen, Olivier Namur, Cassian Pirard.

    laureate: Maarten Haest, KULeuven: Structural and mineralogical study of a Cu-Ag-mineralisation in the Kundelungu foreland of the Katanga orogen, Dikulushi, Katanga.

  • - 2004, 5 october, VUB.

    7 participants: Florence Deroche, Aline Leblon, Kenneth Mertens, Nicolas Pirotte, Kristof Vlaeminck, Cedric Mabille, Michal Besse.

    laureate (ex aequo): Florence Deroche, Ulg, A detailed paleoecological study around the time of the Boreal-Atlantic transition in lithalsa of the « fagne des Deux-Séries » (Hautes-Fagnes, Belgium).

    laureate (ex aequo): Kenneth Mertens, UGent, Calcareous nannoplankton and dinoflagellates as environmental proxies in late Quaternary sediments of the Cariaco Basin (ODP site 1002, Venezuela).

  • - 2003, 30 september, ULB.

    8 participants: Ben Dewever, Cécile Havron, Gille Mertens, Davy Depreier, Liesbeth Mariën, Elin Vanlierde, Ruth Beckers, Rozelien De Taeye.

    laureate: Ruth Beckers, RUG, Comparison of folds in the Abbaye de Villers and Chevlipont formations (Ordovician), near the Abbey of Villers, Thyle Valley, Brabant Massif.

  • - 2002, 13 december, RBINS.

    5 participants: E. De Man, F. De Vleeschouwer, L. Horckmans, F. Pacquay, A. Foubert.

    laureate: Anneleen Foubert, RUG, A high-resolution palaeomagnetic study on Calypso-cores in Porcupine Seabight, SW of Ireland.

  • - 2001, 27 september, VUB

    9 participants (Dominique Similox, Veerle Cnudde, Jan Vanmeirhaeghe, Griet Verhaert, Veerle Vandeginste, Bashar Baharak, Bernard Charlier, Sébastien Bertrand, Siska Valcke).

    laureate: Griet Verhaert, KULeuven, Kwartsaders en dubbelzijdige mullions in de Lochkoviaanmetasedimenten in de Hoge-Ardennenleisteengordel (Bertrix).

  • - 2000, 13 december, RBINS

    10 participants (Kudret Sahin, Joëlle Binon, Matsen Broothaers, Valérie Cappuyns, Hervé Van Achter, Thijs Vandenbroucke, Jimmy Van Itterbeeck, Bernard Mottequin, Stijn De Schepper, Marc Humblet).

    laureate: Valérie Cappuyns, KULeuven, De speciatie van zware metalen en arseen in gecontamineerde bodems.

  • - 1999, 15 december, RBINS

    3 participants (Anne-Christine Da Silva, An Smeesters, Gilles Van Rompaey).

    laureate: Gilles Van Rompaey, ULB, Minéralogie et géochimie de l’altération du cratère de la Fossa, Vulcano, Italie.

  • - 1998, 16 december, RBINSµ

    10 participants (Alistair Fronhoffs, Michèle Castiaux, Samuel Van Herreweghe, Nicolas Coussaert, Johan De Grave, Michel Bogaerts, Peter Van Roy, Peter De Geest, Wouter Heijlen, Ilse Kenis).

    laureate: Ilse Kenis, KULeuven, Structurele en diagenetische studie van de calcietaders in de Givetiaangesteenten te Bettrechies, N-Frankrijk.

  • - 1997, 10 december, RBINS

    7 participants (Julien Harou, Maarten Van Geet, Arnaud Pirson, Nathalie Van Meir, François-Xavier Devuyst, Patrick Degryse, Virginie Renson).

    laureate: Patrick Degryse, KULeuven, Facies analysis and geochemistry of the travertine deposits of Başköy, southern Turkey, and implications for climatic changes during the Holocene.

  • - 1996, 11 december, RBINS

    14 participants (Bénédicte Eggermont, Frédéric Hatert, Hans-Balder Havenith, Céline Rentier, David Bellino, Françoise Larangé, Bastien Wauthoz, Tim Debacker, Dimitri Damasceno, Kris Piessens, Cedric Corteel, Boris Dehandschutter, Kristof Callebaut, Kristof Schroyen).

    laureate: Hans-Balder Havenith, Univ Liège, Structural analysis on the Egersund-Ogna anorthosite massif, southern Norway: strain associated with diapiric emplacement.

  • - 1995, 13 december, RBINS

    11 participants (Blockmans, Janssen, Van den Driessche, Yans, Rijpens, Eeckhout, Leroi, Terryn, Vanhoof, Courte, Vanbrabant)

    laureate: Ines Terryn, RUG, Etude minéralogique et chimique de poterie gallo-romaine et médiévale, provenant de la Belgique, du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg et de l’Allemagne.

  • - 1994, 7 december, RBINS

    15 participants (Baele, Verheyden, Stas, Gobert, Poort, Matton C., Marchand, Verhaeren, Olivier, Claes, Timmerman, Derouane, Hemroulle, Moreau, Misonne)

    laureate: An Marchand, KULeuven, Genesis of zebra-dolomites from the Verviers Synclinorium.

  • - 1993, 15 december, RBINS

    10 participants (Van Lancker, Van Bavinckhove, Jardon, Kervyn, Hardy, Mannaerts, Matthijs, Caers, Matton P., Deville)

    laureate: Herlinde Mannaerts, KULeuven, Geochemie van hydrothermale ertsafzettingen in het Guaymas bekken.

  • - 1992, 3 december, RBINS

    9 participants (Karine Bolland, H. Dupont, Said El Fadili, David Lagrou, A. Pauquet, S. Philippo, J.M. Savino, J. Subires, S. Warny)

  • - 1991, 5 december, RBINS

    7 participants (Geerkens, Catot, Van Overbeke, Laenen, Van Keer, Jaspar, De Kerckhove)

  • - 1990, 27 november, RBINS

    10 participants (Bertrand, Helsen, Dumoulin, Lombardo, Javaux, Lips, De Craen, Ernst, Nzali, Mergeai)