Master Thesis Award

Dear Young Geologists,  welcome to Geologica Belgica association !


We hope that you will accepted to present your master research thesis to our community. You will become a young member of Geologica Belgica for one year and the abstract of your presentation will be published in one of the next issue of Geologica Belgica journal.

For the presentation, you will have 20 minutes (15 minutes of talk and 5 minutes for questions and discussion).

Each participant can submit to Geologica Belgica an abstract related to his/her master thesis for being published in one of the following issues of Geologica Belgica.

The price for the best presentation of the Master Day is 250 EUR. 

All the other participants will also receive a free membership for one year !

The last Master Day 2015 was organized on the 3rd November 2015. After a vote, the laureate of the Master Day 2015 was Bastien Soens.

The 2014 Master Day was organised on the 17th October 2014 at the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS).  Seven students have participated and presented the results of their Master thesis. After a vote, the laureates of the Master Day 2014 were ex-aequo Leonard Dewaele and Thomas Steeman.

The 2013 Master Day was organised on the 4th October 2013 at the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS).  Eleven of our recently graduated students will present the results of their master thesis research at a meeting organised at the RBINS The winner of the best Master thesis presentation selected by the Jury was Nore Praet.