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Master Day 2015

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) Rue Vautier 29, Bruxelles, Belgium

Dear Young Geologists,

Welcome to Geologica Belgica association !

We hope that you will accepted to present your master research thesis to our community. You will become a young member of Geologica Belgica for one year and the abstract of your presentation will be published in one of the next issue of Geologica Belgica journal.

For the presentation, you will have 20 minutes (15 minutes of talk and 5 minutes for questions and discussion).
Each participant can submit to Geologica Belgica an abstract related to his/her master thesis for being published in one of the following issues of Geologica Belgica.
The price for the best presentation of the Master Day is 250 EUR.

Mineral extraction vs Ecology: adversaries or allies ?

Small Auditorium, RBINS, Vautierstraat 29, rue Vautier, B-1000 Brussels

As a first step, BLUG/UBLG and Geologica Belgica invite you to participate in a brainstorming session with the purpose of defining the agenda for demonstrating the benefits of geodiversity for biodiversity to the public. The meeting will start with presentations on the clash of geo-bio paradigms, success stories and failures of geo-bio cooperation to end

Work group excursion

Villers le Gambon (Philippeville) and Resteigne (Tellin) , Belgium

Excursion (Mineral extraction vs Ecology)

BLUG/UBLG & Geologica Belgica

Mineral extraction vs Ecology work group excursion

Management of active and abandoned limestone quarries

Villers le Gambon (Philippeville) and Resteigne (Tellin)
Thursday 23 June 2016, 10h – 16h30.

BELQUA 2016 annual excursion

Kikbeek quarry & Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen

Mineral extraction vs Ecology working group excursion 10.00h: meeting place Parking "Aen 't Venne", Kikmolenstraat 3, 3630 MaasmechelenTravel in group to entrance of “Kikbeekgroeve”. Introduction to former Sibelco sand pit and its evolution after closure by Isaac Berwouts (Sibelco). Walking trip exposing silversand, Kikbeek lignite, pedogenetic quartzite, cryoturbations and polygonal soils, Usselo and Bolling soils,

Symposium Mineral Extraction vs Ecology

Brussels, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Rue Vautier 29, Brussels, Belgium

After a workshop organised 27 November 2015 and a series of excursions to different types of raw materials extraction conducted this year, the ad-hoc working group observed that former or reclaimed mining sites regain valuable ecological functions and may even attain a higher level of biodiversity than the original lands before mining. Multiple former extraction sites are transformed into Natura 2000 or other protected sites, or even are becoming new wilderness areas. The ad-hoc working group has concluded that mining and ecology should become allies and agreed to the organisation of a symposium, with the intention to promote a better understanding of the mutual interests by the industry and the conservationists and at informing a wider audience.

National geological job fair

UGENT , Belgium

Ten companies - large or SME - made use of this opportunity. About 60 students/job seekers participated.

Board Meeting January

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) Rue Vautier 29, Bruxelles, Belgium

Dear Colleagues, The next GB board meeting will be held on Tuesday 29/1/2019; 13h00 – 16h00 at the Geological Survey in Brussels. Agenda: - Approval of minutes of previous board meeting of 13.09.2018 (annex). - Medals 2019: André Dumont medal  (Bernard Bingen), Van den Broeck medal (cartographers collective of carte géologique de Wallonie). - Jobday

Job Day 2019

University of Mons Rue de Houdain, Mons, Belgium

Dear Sir/Madam, The Belgian-Luxembourg Union of Geologists (BLUG/UBLG) and Geologica Belgica have the honour to invite you for the National Geological Job Fair, which will be attended by the geology-roiented students of five different Belgian universities, namely from the universities of Ghent, Mons, Liège, Brussels and Leuven.

Conference IAH entitled: Groundwater drought and abstraction in Europe

Vivaqua Boulevard de l'Impératrice,17-19, Brussels, Belgium

Groundwater drought and abstraction in Europe: sustainability now and in the future? Conference given by Anne Van Loon In this study, we present the results of the analysis of groundwater droughts induced and modified by groundwater abstractioncompared to a near-natural baseline. We show that abstraction can lower groundwaterlevels to below drought thresholds in summers with